• Commonly Used

    Botulinum toxin has been used for many years for medicinal purposes at Tracey Bell. It is commonly used in clinical practice for migraine, excessive sweating, and reduction in muscle bulk leading to deep wrinkles and furrows in the process of ageing.
  • Prescription-only

    Anti-wrinkle injections are prescription-only, prescribed specifically for you by a dentist, doctor or nurse prescriber.
  • Effective results

    The results are dependent on the medical condition diagnosed and treated. Prior to any anti-wrinkle treatment, an assessment, photographs and a medical diagnosis will be made. Treatment costs vary according to the clinical situation and medical condition being treated.
  • Your safety is key

    At Tracey Bell, we ensure that your anti-wrinkle treatment will be simple, safe, effective and provide you with the results you want. A full medical consultation and consent is required prior to treatment.

“So natural that everyone notices… but nobody knows.”

Botulinum toxin is commonly used on the face to reduce the movement of dynamic muscles i.e. those muscles that produce wrinkles.

What are the benefits?

  • Smooths lines and wrinkles.
  • Rejuvenates and revitalises facial features.
  • Lasts approximately 3-4 months.
  • Repeated treatment visibly improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Produces a natural relaxed appearance
  • Clinically improves migraines and headaches.
  • Treats excessive sweating/hydrohydrosis; this is a condition many people suffer from and is more commonly found in the underarm and feet.
  • Used medically for Blephroplasm, a muscle condition affecting the eyes.
  • Procedures are short and have a low recovery time

Frown Lines (Glabella)

Glabella lines (known as frown lines) appear between the eyebrows over time, due to a number of factors including age, sun exposure, habitual frowning and tension. Treatment involves targeting these lines with precise injection points designed to relax the appropriate facial muscles and give the best results. Glabella lines are one of the most common areas treated in both males and females.


Forehead (Frontalis)

Horizontal brow lines (or horizontal forehead lines) run across the forehead and are a result of normal expression of the face. They also appear when eyebrows are raised in surprise or as a result of stress. These brow lines deepen with age and can become apparent even when the face is relaxed. Targeted injections to the frontalis muscle effectively reduce lines and level of movement depending on your preference.


Eyes (periorbital)

Known as Crow’s Feet or laughter lines, these fine lines or wrinkles appear at the corner of the eyes, usually when smiling or laughing. They are part of the natural aging process of the face, but are accelerated by sun exposure, squinting and smoking. These lines are treated with very small injections to the muscle surrounding the eye, which can produce a natural-looking rejuvenating result.


Bunny Lines (Nasalis)

Horizontal wrinkles across the ridge of the nose, known as bunny lines, form naturally as a result of everyday facial expressions and become more noticeable over time. Commonly, more than one bunny line is present. Small injections into the nasalis muscle can lessen these lines and produce natural-looking results.


Dimply Chin (Mentalis)

Dimply chin (or Poppy Chin) occurs because some people naturally contract their chin more than others when closing their mouth. It can lead to the appearance of wrinkles or a ‘pin cushioning’ effect on the chin, which over time also appears when the face is at rest. Targeted injections can reduce the contraction of the mentalis muscle, lengthen the lower face and improve the texture of the skin.


Smokers’ Lines (perioral)

Smokers’ lines (also known as barcode lines) run perpendicular to the vermillion border, the line between the top of the lip and adjacent normal skin. These lines occur naturally with age as the lips begin to lose volume. Anti-wrinkle injections used in this area can lessen the fine lines and can be used in combination with a dermal filler.


Marionette lines

Marionette lines extend from the outer corners of the mouth down towards the chin. They are caused due to a loss of the collagen that supports the skin and can be exacerbated by sun exposure and smoking. Some people naturally have deeper marionette lines. Targeted injections can provide lift and volumisation to this area, and can be combined with a dermal filler.


Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, or Hyperhidrosis, is a common problem which can cause disruption to daily life. Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to treat this, and is typically delivered to the armpits. The results can last for up to seven months, longer than some cosmetic treatments available.

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Chronic migraines can significantly disrupt daily life, but Botox offers a clinically proven solution that can reduce the frequency of these debilitating headaches. At Tracey Bell, we provide Botox treatments specifically tailored to combat chronic migraine symptoms, helping patients enjoy more headache-free days.

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