Tooth Pain

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies can occur at any time and can affect your work, sleep, and ability to eat and drink. At Tracey Bell, we understand you need to get back to your daily routines without the inconvenience of dental pain or other issues. We go out of our way to accommodate you and resolve your dental emergency, and always strive to help, whatever the problem.

It is important not to ignore a dental emergency, as it could worsen, leading to permanent damage or needing more complicated treatment to resolve. We have emergency appointments available every day to help and endeavour to see you as soon as possible.

Managing your dental emergency

The following tips and advice may help while you are waiting for your emergency appointment with us at Tracey Bell in Liverpool or the Isle of Man.

  • Tooth pain

    Tooth pain or ache, whether intermittent or constant, can make your life a misery. It can occur for many different reasons, including infection, tooth decay, chipped or broken teeth, trauma and injuries to the teeth or jaw area. Emerging wisdom teeth can also cause tooth pain.

    We recommend you manage your tooth pain with over the counter painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, while you are waiting to be seen by one of our dental professionals for a full diagnosis.

  • Lost or knocked out tooth

    Losing a tooth is a common dental emergency. You may have been in an accident or dislodged a loose tooth while eating. We are much more likely to be able to save the tooth if we see you quickly, as the sooner it is reimplanted into your gum, the higher the chance of it staying in place.

    If you still have your tooth, hold it carefully by the crown (the part that is normally visible in your mouth) and try not to touch the root. Rinse the tooth gently with water, being careful not to scrub or remove any bits of tissue, and try to put it back into position in your mouth. If this cannot be done, put the tooth in some milk or water with a pinch of salt until you can get to your emergency appointment.

  • Lost baby tooth

    A lost baby tooth is not usually considered a dental emergency, unless the gum is damaged or parts of the tooth are still embedded in the gum. If the child is in pain or discomfort, we recommend giving appropriate child-friendly painkillers. Ice lollies may also help to relieve any pain or swelling.

    Never try to place a baby tooth back into place, as it could damage the new adult tooth in the gum.

  • Chipped tooth

    A chipped tooth can affect your speech, bite and confidence, especially if it is in a prominent position. It can also cause discomfort.

    If you can, keep any small pieces of the chipped tooth and rinse your mouth with warm water. You can also apply a cold compress to help reduce any swelling while you wait for your emergency appointment. We may recommend composite bonding as the most effective and affordable way to repair a chipped tooth, providing a long lasting restoration.

  • Lost or chipped filling

    Losing all or part of a filling can compromise the vulnerable tooth underneath. It is important to get in touch with the clinic for advice.In the meantime, you can protect your tooth by inserting a temporary shop bought dental filling material into the cavity. If you can’t get hold of this, sugar-free chewing gum will work just as effectively.

  • Abscess

    A dental abscess is an infection in the gum or tooth, and needs to be seen by a dental professional as soon as possible. They are usually very painful and will not go away on their own.

    Contact one of our clinics as soon as possible so we can get you booked in for an emergency appointment. Rinse your mouth with warm salty water and apply a cold compress to ease any swelling before you can be seen. If you experience intense pain and swelling, accompanied by flu-like symptoms, please go to your nearest A&E department.

Tooth pain

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