Denture Plan – A Digital Denture, Perfectly Designed

Digital Dentures are an innovative denture product utilising digital technology to cover all your needs, from a single tooth partial to a full/full denture. The technology is amazing and at Tracey Bell we are the first to introduce the system on island

With Digital Dentures, we can now provide more comfortable, customised, and secure prosthetics that look and feel like natural teeth. Whether we use a scanner or traditional impressions, Digital Dentures will be a fantastic solution.

Ready-to-Fit Dentures in Just 2 Appointments

Traditional dentures require, on average, five patient appointments, but Digital Dentures can be ready to wear in as few as just two visits. This makes the process more efficient and convenient for you, allowing you to enjoy your new dentures faster.

Exceptional Accuracy

Digital Dentures are designed by our skilled technicians using Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. This provides greater accuracy, leading to better comfort and fit. This accuracy also means fewer adjustments and follow-up visits, saving time and ensuring a perfect fit.

Go Straight to Fit

The precision of CAD/CAM processes in 3D printing or milling allows us to produce a finished Digital Denture and move straight to fitting. We exactly replicate the scanned surfaces, ensuring consistent quality and precision that traditional dentures cannot achieve.

What are the Benefits of Digital Dentures?

  • Better Looking Smile Digital Dentures offer an enhanced aesthetic outcome. Our skilled technicians add personalisation and characterisation, providing a superior look that will delight you.
  • Exact Replication We accurately replicate your mouth using CAD software, eliminating the need for a physical try-in and ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Straight to Fit The exact replication means you can move straight to fitting, resulting in fewer visits to the clinic and a quicker transition to enjoying your new dentures.
  • More Durable By using premium materials, Digital Dentures are stronger and more durable than traditional dentures, making them much less likely to break when dropped or fracture during regular use.
  • Easy Replacements Our dental lab stores your dentures as digital files in the cloud, allowing for faster replacement turnaround times. You no longer need to re-take impressions or wait weeks for a replacement.
  • Reduced Clinical Chair Time With fewer required appointments, the process becomes more convenient and less time-consuming for you.

Why Choose a Digital Workflow?

Adopting a digital workflow allows for easy changes to your smile. Since the setup is done on the computer using denture design software, changes can be made without resetting the teeth in wax. We can review and adjust your smile remotely, ensuring the most natural aesthetics possible.

Digital Denture Plan

The Tracey Bell Dental and Aesthetic Clinic introduces a Denture Plan with various benefits upon completion.

Denture Life Subscription

Our Denture Life subscription is designed to ensure your continued comfort and functionality. By providing you with a brand-new set of Digital Dentures every year as part of a subscription, we demonstrate our commitment to your oral health and well-being.

Denture Club

Join our Denture Club for peace of mind. For just £21/month (one denture) or £35/month (two), protect your investment with fast replacement dentures if yours are lost or damaged. Plus, enjoy free adjustments and support for 36 months.*

*Prices are valid at the time of post

Terms Apply:

  • Replacement dentures are available after 6 months of membership.
  • Commit to a 36-month subscription. Failure to pay may result in loss of entitlement.

Benefits of Being Part of the Club

  • Fast Replacement: Get fast replacement dentures if you lose or damage your dentures.
  • Free Adjustments: Receive free adjustments to your dentures for up to 36 months.
  • Concierge Support: Enjoy access to phone and online support to care for your dentures.
  • Free Dentures: If no replacement is needed within the subscription period, you will receive a spare denture at the end of the subscription period.

Dentist-Led Clinics

At Tracey Bell Dental, all of our clinicians are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and are highly professional and committed to providing you with the best care possible.

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