So, we have Huda Beauty, describing the pain of losing her lips. Dissolved within seconds, after over 10 years of creating her reasons, for the painful treatment of Hyalase and dissolution. Was it that the more she had, the more distorted they became – common sense may well tell you this? Take note of her comments, she had the worlds best clinic and doctors injecting – but in the end, they were simply ruined! Could this have been avoided?

There lies my point multiple doctors’ multiple clinics and multiple products – now from my calculations, Huda was 25 years old, she had fillers injected every six months or so, give or take the odd missed top-up appointment. That equates to 20 appointments, over 10 years, NOW! That’s a lot of filler.

, Complications with Lip Fillers and How to Avoid them…

Eventually, the product was dissolved in a procedure more painful than childbirth. Believe me, dissolving lip filler is indeed not in my experience painful and like providing a lip filler, local anaesthetic is always an option.

So, what do I think? I think Huda may have created the problem herself. Why oh why! Did she never stick with the same doctor, the same product and one provider of care – was it the case that her celebrity status brought more doctors to her door? Along with more free product, and in the flurry of excitement and the wish for a better look – everyone just went with the flow, in pursuit of another Instagram post, new found customers while Huda sat enjoying her lips and the next incredible injectable awaiting.

The other thing I note is age. Let me take you back to when I first started – 2002. At that point, we had minimal choice in the filler, only a handful of Doctors and yes, the treatment was expensive.

My average demographic of a patient seeking treatment was mid 40’s, they requested either Restylane or Peralane (a filler) as these were all there were on the market and a little Botox.

The maximum number of syringes ever used were 1 to 2, the patients were delighted, they would pay their £700.00 per syringe and disappear returning some 15-18 months later.

Now, jump forward to 2018. In the EU there are over now 297 fillers (at the last count) available, the cost has tumbled (as competition is fierce) the average age of patients seeking lip filler is mid 20’s. Look at Huda – multiple top-ups, multiple injectors – and all at such a young age. Add time to that a no wonder disasters and complications with fillers begin to happen –it is a ticking injectable Time Bomb!!

However, it’s not all bad on the lip filler front, after 17 years as an injector, thankfully, I have had very few complications. My thought behind that being pick great products, know your patient, less is more and always be willing to refuse to treat.
If a patient doesn’t know what has been injected previously, ask them to find out and they cannot find out, always consider dissolving what is in there and simply start again.

On a personal note – I love lip fillers. My first experience with filler was back in 2002. Over these past 17 years, I’ve had my lip enhanced with great products probably every 2-3 years.

Over time my look and product choice has changed, from fullness in my 30’s and the use of Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero to a subtler look and definition in my 40’s.

, Complications with Lip Fillers and How to Avoid them…, Complications with Lip Fillers and How to Avoid them…

Has the product moved? Never
Has the product distorted? Never
Has the lip retained its natural autonomy? Of course.
Why? because I chose my product and procedure carefully. Pictures are attached.

Huda may know her make – up but I know my lip fillers – and Huda I must agree your upper lip looks so much better without it – and I can now see your amazing teeth.

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