AQUAGOLD….. Microbotox, Dermal Fillers and skin rejuvenation all delivered in one treatment

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, AquaGold Fine Touch

Aesthetic Medicine often is daunting to the first time patient at whatever age

Do I need the treatment?

What will it do?

I’m frightened it will hurt?

I don’t want to look false?

I don’t really know what I need?

, AquaGold Fine Touch

All common concerns and thoughts I’d guess most patients have on entering any aesthetic clinic.

The Aquagold Fine Touch – A patented 24-carat facial device is an excellent introduction to aesthetic medicine for both aesthetic newbies and those that have experienced injectables, lasers and skin treatments before.

So what exactly is this procedure? Well, the magic lies in the device. The device is a system of microneedles. It allows delivery of unique products into the skin at a controlled and predictable depth – allowing a consistent and regular depth.

Through the device ingredients such as botox, dermal fillers, vitamins, growth factors and PRP can be delivered. Personalised micro cocktails of meso therapeutic ingredients and medicines to be delivered to the skin. The results speak for themselves. Utilised around the eyes, mouth, forehead, neck, back of hands the micro delivery combined with the micro-needling effect gives patients an instant introduction to aesthetic medicine, plump tightened skin and simply a beautiful glow.

The most common cocktails delivered to the face and skin are micro botox, Juvederm, vitamins and hyaluronic acids. A small amount of anaesthetic can be mixed also allowing a beautiful pain-free procedure

Common conditions treated: Ageing, Acne, Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Enlarged Pores and Excess Sebum, Redness and Flushing

If you are a patient looking for a great introduction to clarify, refine, hydrate, rejuvenate and simply improve skin quality whilst retaining a naturally beautiful glow – Aquagold Fine Touch may be the ideal start for you!

Cost – Typically starts at £250.00 with basic Hyaluronic

Microbotox and Hyaluronic – £345.00

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