Woman put mouth guard on teeth
                  mouth guard on teeth

Teeth grinding, also referred to as bruxism, is just what it sounds like — and it happens during sleep. If you wake up with jaw pain or headaches, the problem may be teeth grinding or clenching

Key takeaways:

  • Teeth grinding often occurs at night making it difficult for people to know if they are grinding.
  • Stress is a major cause of bruxism. Exercise helps to alleviate stress and prevent teeth grinding.
  • Wearing a custom-made mouth guard from the dentist will help prevent damage caused by grinding or clenching.

Your dentist can also look for symptoms, like changes or abnormalities in your teeth as well as jaw tenderness. Severe bruxism can lead to loose or broken teeth, and can wear them down so much that crowns, implants, root canals, bridges, or dentures may be needed.

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