Digital dentistry comprises of any digital or computer-based technology which a dentist can use to examine, diagnose, take care of the wellbeing of your mouth, and perform dental procedures as an alternative to regular methods or electrical instruments.

Computer-based technology allows dentists to advance and enhance patient care. Digital dentistry eliminates manual steps of dental procedures. For this reason, dentists can provide a cost-effective and automated treatment process.

Digital dentistry offers many benefits to dentists as it makes scanning fast, easy,and accurate by using intra-oral scans. The scanners are efficient and create a more hygienic environment. They come with touch pads,adjustable touchscreen and optima performing batteries.

Additionally, with digital dentistry devices, dentists can obtain continuous workflow for implantology, restorative dentistry, and digital orthodontics.

There are several scanners available including: –


It is an accurate intraoral scanner it takes digital impressions to the next level.  The advanced Smart Pixel Sensor processes more than 1,000,000 3D points per second, delivering photorealistic and extremely precise information. Its vigorous intensity scan technology allows perfect clarity and exceptional accuracy, even at sub-gingival levels.Resulting in complete 3D-scan models being presented instantaneously, no matter how quickly you scan.

Primescan helps to build patient confidence in dental settings. Patients can be anxious about dental treatment. Primescan, helps the dentist to gain the patient’s confidence,thus, helping them set safe treatment strategies.

Primescan offers a comfortable and faster procedure for patients, saving time and providing accurate results. The intraoral scanner uses digital technology to scan the patient upper and lower arches. It is a two-minute process which helps the dentist to see the whole mouth and identify the problem.

The dentist can view the digital scan on the screen and show the patient, diagnosis and recommend treatment. If scanning errors occur, they can be rectified immediately eliminating the need for patients to be re-attend.

This is an efficient scanner that provides convenience to the dentist and gives peace of mind to the patient. There is no waiting for study models to be cast before treatment can begin.

Smile Designer Pro

Smile Designer Pro is aninnovative app which allows dentists to create and transfer cosmetic treatment plans with professional colleagues and patients. Dentists worldwide are using this simple app to generate digital treatment plans.

Smile Designer Pro was created to meet the specific needs of dentists. By using photos of the mouth, you can design a case in minutes. With one click, create an accurate imitation of the result and begin getting patients excited about the potential transformation.

How does it work?

It helps create cosmetic treatment plans and simulation of results. It is an easy-to-use process that can operated with the help of assistants. Thus, it lessens the time of the whole procedure. It is a completely 10-minute procedure, most of the work can be completed by a dental nurse or assistant, cutting down on the time of a dentist or technician.The smile design plan will assist the dentist in achieving greater case acceptance and improve patient satisfaction with the result.

DSD Informative Scan System

Azonto is an innovative product that offers implant solutions for streamlining planning, tooth replacement, and excellent tooth treatment. It uses digital images and data by using CEREC systems. It assists in providing fully guided surgical solutions that include the custom healing abutment, implant, sharp drills, and specific drilling that patients need for a particular case. It is a cost-effective method that provides the instrument and material inventory to provide an effective dental treatment plan.

Imaging Systems

The imaging system is another trustworthy system that uses the XIOS intraoral sensors and phosphor plate scanners. It helps in providing predictable results and superior grade image quality. The imaging solution integrated with digital dentistry. Therefore, it increases the diagnostic confidence and acceptance of patients and their treatment. It assists in transforming patient lives and provides them with the confidence to go ahead with treatment.

Digital dentistry provides the experience to build a healthy practice, as well delivering healthy smiles.

Final thoughts

These intraoral scanners enhance patient care as well as improve treatment strategy. The scanners are available on a license basis. It is best to use a scanning system as they offer accurate results by using dynamic depth technology. They perform well and scan all dental surfaces, enabling the dentist to view the whole mouth with perfect clarity.


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