What is involved in the treatment?

We will give you a local anaesthetic to numb the affected area before removing any decay present, which will feel like you are having a filling. We will place a rubber dam over your tooth to keep it dry and stop the spread of infection. We then use thin instruments and a disinfectant liquid to remove bacteria from the root canals of your tooth.

Once the tooth has been treated, we seal it with a temporary filling. When we are happy the infection has gone, you will be invited back for a second appointment to have a permanent filling or crown placed.

The treatment can be completed in a single visit, taking approximately 60 minutes, but can take between two to three hours over multiple appointments depending on the complexity of your case. At Tracey Bell, we ensure we take the time needed to achieve the best possible results.

If carried out by an excellent practitioner with the correct experience, a root canal should be a pleasant and successful treatment.

Root canal treatment

Looking after your treated tooth

You may experience minor pain or sensitivity after your treatment, which can be managed by over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen or aspirin. You will need to ensure you complete the course of antibiotics prescribed by your dentist, if applicable, and continue brushing and flossing as normal. Maintaining an excellent oral hygiene routine and regularly visiting your dentist and hygienist will help your root canal last for as long as possible.

Common misconceptions about root canal treatment

  • That root canals are painful
    If you need a root canal, you may well come into the clinic in pain, but that should stop once treatment begins! Patients often say the relief they feel once we start root canal treatment is enormous.
  • That root canals are expensive
    Root canal treatment is more expensive than standard composite fillings, but, at between £600 – £1000, it is far cheaper than dental implants. A naturally saved root canal could prevent you needing implants in the future.
  • That root canals take a long time
    We may be able to complete your root canal treatment in just one appointment. Even if it requires multiple appointments, our technology, materials and skills ensure root canal treatments take shorter amounts of time.
  • That root canals have a long recovery period
    You may experience a little sensitivity, just like after a filling, but this should pass in a day or two. We advise biting more gently on the treated tooth for a couple of days after treatment, and taking care when brushing and flossing, but you can resume your everyday activities straight away.
  • That root canals don’t last long
    We give you the highest possible standard of treatment, giving your tooth the best care. If you look after your tooth post-treatment, your root canal should have excellent longevity.
Modern Endodontics

Modern techniques and experience

Root canal treatment always sounds frightening but treatments and technologies have changed making outcomes better.

Dr James Garritt obtained his masters in endodontics from Chester University in 2021. Using the latest in microscopic technology, we ensure that root canal or endodontic treatment whenever suitable will achieve the best possible outcomes.

Note that some teeth, although root canal may be performed, are not possible to restore. Root canal depends on your immune system and overall health. All risks, benefits, costs or root canal endodontic treatment will be discussed with you prior to commencement of treatment.

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