Tracey Bell, who has built her reputation on investing in the best staff and new technologies available, says that she is excited to be bringing the A-listers’ favourite, Plexr, to Liverpool.


With patient demand for faster treatments with minimal downtime increasing every year, Tracey Bell offers a range of non-surgical treatments, many of which can be completed in a lunch-break. One of the newest treatments to be introduced to her Liverpool clinic is The Plexr (which stands for Plasma Exeresis). This innovative tool uses plasma to turn back the clock, restoring baggy or saggy eyelids to a more youthful appearance.

Tracey Bell said: “As we get older, when we’re feeling tired and stressed, our eyes tend to show it. We’d all love to maintain youthful looking eyes, and avoid the sagging or drooping effect that comes with age, but most of us wouldn’t be willing to take months to recover from cosmetic surgery. Now Plexr soft surgery, which can be carried out with just topical anaesthesia, offers a fast, modern alternative, gently restoring the youthful look of your eye area in as little as 30 minutes.


“As eye-lifts have traditionally been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, this faster, cheaper, knife and needle-free alternative with very little down-time represents the next generation of eye lifts.”

This is an effective treatment for baggy or sagging eyelids with no surgery, injections or stitches required and is one of a range of cutting-edge treatments that Tracey has invested in bringing to the North West at through her popular Hanover Street dental and aesthetic clinic.

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For interview opportunities with Tracey Bell, or to request a road-test of Plexr, please email:



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