Crowns and Veneers – the digital revolution the use of CERAC

CERAC was introduced at Tracey Bell in 2014.

CERAC is a system of Digital Dental Scanning, which then transmits the image to a 3D printer, that in turn then produces a ceramic or porcelain crown instantly (well within 6 – 18 minutes).

The introduction of Digital Dentistry at Tracey Bell was a steep learning curve in dentistry, which has in turn transformed our dental practice, on the Isle of Man.

The system allows the production of a crown, bridge, inlay or dental veneer instantly, patient no-longer needs to have the dreaded dental impression, a temporary placed nor have to wait for the

The tooth or teeth are scanned, the ceramic crown, veneer, inlay are printed and produced, the crown glazed and fitted within one hour.

Digital Dentistry has also expanded to dental implants and dentures (false teeth).

The system for dental implants requires the use of CT technology, surgical guides, immediate dental implant placed and temporisation i.e. an instant tooth all within a single visit.

Digital dentistry on the Isle of Man and Liverpool has been adopted by patients also. The fit and accuracy of the crown is commented on along with the speed and production. In surgery situations can be dealt with rapidly with a missing tooth easily replaced. Digital flow of the system involves preparation, dental scanning, production of crown and fit.


CERAC crown cost:

Typically a crown, inlay will cost approximately £800.00, this includes preparation, prosthesis, fitting and follow up.

CERAC longevity – different dental materials can be used and typical a crown will have a longevity of a normal crown that is cared for and looked after, we have crowns that are over 20 years old, still in place.

That’s why we love the Isle of Man.

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